Design and Manufacturing of patient specific surgical guides

Raomed's tailor-made surgical guides allow complex surgical planning with ambitious expected results to be achieved precisely.
These guides can be used for multiple purposes, resection of unwanted tissue, drilling of fixations, and/or templates for bone alignment.


The design of the custom-made surgical guides is made from tomographic images of the patient, which can be complemented with any other study in digital format that provides information of interest when developing the planning that will result in the guide system.

Together with the surgical team, and according to their requirements for the surgery, Raomed can develop unique surgical guides for each case that exactly replicate the patient’s anatomy. These guides allow complex planning to be executed with an extreme level of precision.

Raomed custom surgical guides can be manufactured in different materials, and sometimes even in combination depending on the needs of the case and the application.

  • Reduction of surgical times.

  • Maximum precision in the procedures.

  • They are compatible with standard elements used in the operating room.

  • Its fit over the patient's anatomy.