Development and manufacturing of biomodels

Raomed biomodels are exact replicas of the biological structures of interest. They are full-scale maps that allow surgeons to carry out studies and tests.

Raomed has the capacity to process medical images from different studies (CT, MRI, Rx, etc.) in a merged way, resulting in biomodels with a lot of information.


Raomed biomodels accurately replicate the anatomy of interest. Through the different manufacturing techniques, and counting on a wide variety of materials, it is possible to achieve parts in different colors, textures, hardness and surface finishes, to obtain realistic models.

When studying surgical procedures and planning, biomodels of both current patient situations and simulations of surgical procedures allow a complete study of the surgical plan, and are a valuable complement to existing planning and diagnostic techniques.

All medical specialties can complement and improve their case analysis through the implementation of biomodels.

Some examples:

Neuro: complex pathologies, tumors, fibrous dysplasias.

CMF: Complex pathologies, tumors, orthognathics, aesthetic surgeries, preformed plaques.

Trauma: Complex pathologies, tumors, fibrous dysplasias, bone malformations, bad bone consolidation, fractures, preforming of plates.

  • Reduction of surgical times.

  • Optimize and improve pre-surgical planning.

  • Replicate the desired anatomical structures with precision.

  • They are excellent educational tools.

  • Improves patient understanding during the medical consultation.

  • Automated manufacturing.

  • Quality guaranteed by international regulatory compliance.