By 3D technologies we refer to the use of software for planning and 3D modeling of parts, added to the complement of 3D printers to achieve digital manufacturing of parts, ie without human manipulation, and augmented reality (Navigation).

“Possibilities of using 3D technologies”

  • They make it possible to manufacture implants and guides tailored to people in various materials.
  • They guarantee extremely precise pre-surgical planning.
  • They facilitate the performance of tissue resections by using surgical guidestailored to the anatomical structures of interest.
  • They make it possible to make biomodels of each patient’s anatomy.
  • They allow the identification of structures, and guarantee the spatial location insurgery through the use of the browser.


Raomed has the latest technology in Titanium manufacturing. Additive manufacturing (3D printing) of Titanium alloy grade 5 (Ti64).
The additive manufacture of Titanium makes it possible to create porous structures, which mimic the bone of the implant's host, enabling its osseointegration.
Trabecular structures substantially reduce the risk of stress shielding and improve the mechanical performance of the implants.

Trabecular Structure


We have a vast experience in the use of this material. We can make from small pieces, to mega implants capable of replicating joint movements.
This material is characterized by its low weight, resulting in extremely light pieces, and with a high resistance to tolerate efforts. It is possible that this is complemented with metal inserts that increase its mechanical performance, improving even more its performance.



PEEK is an engineered biopolymer with high durability and strength. Its mechanical properties make it similar to bone, which is why it became so popular.
Other properties that we can highlight,

- Due to its mechanical properties it significantly reduces the risk of stress shielding.
- It's a radiolucent, free-form material.
- It can be re-sterilized.
- It can be modified with surgical tools in the operating room.