Design and Manufacturing of patient specific implants

The concept of custom-made implants proposes a paradigm shift for medical implants, where prostheses are adapted to the patient's anatomy, while traditional or standard prosthesis systems postulate adapting the patient's anatomical structures.


The design of the custom-made implants is made from tomographic images of the patient, which can be complemented with any other study in digital format that provides information of interest when developing the prosthetic component.

From the medical images, the team of surgeons and the design and engineering department of Raomed collaborate to obtain specific designs that meet the requirements of the surgical intervention to be performed.

The implants can be manufactured in various materials according to the needs and preferences of the surgical team.

  • Faster, easier and safer surgeries.

  • Superior functional and aesthetic results.

  • Reduction in the risk of infection.

  • Implants similar to the patient's anatomical composition

  • Shorter and more effective treatments.